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Posted By Jonathan Grant 12th August 2015

Calling 0844 Numbers now cost 17p (up from 5p) - Starting to Bite

The Ofcom Changes to the pricing of 08xx numbers is now a few months old. What better time than now to have a look at the changes to the costs of dialling an 0844 number?

Recent changes to Ofcom regulations mean that people are now unwittingly paying two per minute charges - an Access Charge (10p a minute) and a Service Charge (7p a minute) - Total 17p a minute.

A one hour call to an 0844 number will cost £10.20. In June it cost £3.00.

If you use an 0844 number for your Conference calls then the cost of a one hour call for say 6 people is £61.20 - and the bill is hidden deep in your landline or mobile phone bill.

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