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Posted By 16th July 2012

Cogent Saves Money On Conference Calls from Mobile Phones!

Cogent is the UK's industry skills body for the science based industries, and they also have a key role in meeting the skills needs of emerging technologies.

The Challenge

Cogent were frequently making conference calls with many participants phoning in from their mobiles as they had to be out of the office. With mobile calls to 0844 numbers costing 35p a minute and Cogent?s average conference call lasting 60 minutes this meant that they were running high phone bills in order to conduct necessary business.

Cogent were unaware of the costs as they were distributed over many different mobile and other bills. By centralising the service and using Speakserve?s cloud-based web portal, they can track and monitor every call.

The Solution SpeakServe?s mission is to keep things cheap and simple for people and their businesses, while allowing you to have total control over your conference call, from call scheduling to call recording and more.

Invoiced Billing and Geographic Numbers

SpeakServe were able to help Cogent by providing them with an invoiced billing system for their conferencing needs. Staff at Cogent often hold internal conference calls, with many of their participants calling in from their mobile phones.

By providing geographic numbers for both mobile and landline callers, the cost of internal conferencing has been greatly reduced. Mobile callers are now able to use the free minutes that they receive from their mobile providers or pay landline rates, instead of the extortionate mobile rates.

Cogent also have access to great international rates, and with automatic call scheduling and invitations, organising a conference has become as simple as clicking a button.

Kate Hutchins, Information Manager at Cogent says: ?We?re pleased at the savings that we are making. Prior to this we were unaware of the exact cost of a conference call, as costs were distributed amongst many different mobile bills. Now we are able to save a great deal and simultaneously centralise our conferencing costs?.

Jonathan Grant,CEO at SpeakServe adds, ?We?re delighted that by moving on to our new and highly competitive model of audio conferencing, Cogent are making such huge savings!?.