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Posted By Michelle Quinton 29th January 2015

Cold Weather Alert!

The Met Office are warning of snow this week, but even if you aren?t in the areas affected, you are likely still experiencing some very low temperatures. Keeping safe and warm is vitally important, don?t travel if you don?t have and to and keep wrapped up. Your health is always your priority.

Keep Yourself Warm

? Wear lots of thin layers ? thin layers trap the heat between them, this is more efficient than one or two thick layers.

? Use natural fibres such as fleece, wool and cotton ? natural fibres have been shown to retain heat well while still allowing the skin to breath. This means staying warm without overheating.

? Eat well ? your body burns carbohydrates to stay warm, so at least one hot meal a day is important in the cold, and plenty of warm drinks, to help keep you warm throughout the day, this is a great excuse to dig out the hot chocolate.

? Keep moving ? movement keeps the blood pumping, even just a little movement is better than sitting still when cold. Whether it?s walking around the building or maybe a few star jumps when no one is looking, avoid staying still for long periods.

? Keep your feet up ? heat rises, so the closer to the ground you get the colder it can be, wear socks or slippers (or both!) and if possible keep your feet up.

Keep Your Home Warm

? Draw your curtains ? as soon as the sun sets the temperature starts to drop, so close the curtains and retain the heat.

? Keep windows and internal doors closed ? it is easier to retain heat with internal closed, stopping drafts and keeping heat in.

? Draught excluders ? these are a great way to keep the chill away from your ankles, draught excluders can be fitted around doors and windows. Draught excluder tape is about £7 for 5 metres (depending where you buy) and you can create makeshift excluders from old pillow cases and towels to stop draughts under doors.

? It?s also worth considering fitting a curtain over your front door, especially if you don?t have one of the more efficient UPVC doors, as this can stop draughts getting in and the heat getting out ? just be sure that you can still get out easily if there is a fire.

? Additional blankets and a hot water bottle are a great way to ensure that your bed is not cold when you get it, if you have an electric blanket, then remember to turn it off before you get in and don't leave it on for too long due to fire risk.

Keep Your Business Moving

? Emails ? make sure everyone has email ? it?s understandable that you may be concerned about security, but at the same time can you risk losing work hours if people can?t get into work?

? Phone Conferencing ? if people can?t get into work then phone conferencing allows for meetings to still take place.

? Cloud storage ? allowing you to share your documents with staff as necessary, consider something like Microsoft Cloud or Google Drive.

Even with these things available it?s important to have a person or persons designated leader, they are in charge of deciding when the weather is bad enough to close up shop and when it?s safe enough to come back in. How you let you employees know is also important, do you have a texting system or can you send out a companywide email at short notice? If you expect staff to continue to work during the weather then make sure they are aware of this, consider having a ?snow day? plan that everyone has access to, that way they know what is expected of them and less time is wasted.

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