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Posted By Michael Hay 30th May 2012

Curious Conference Calls

?Christmas Party Conference Call with No Panic?

Conference calls are normally pretty routine. Talking about the matters of the day, whether sales, marketing, legal, or of private or public interest.

At Speakserve we have a client, No Panic, that regularly uses conference calls, but in doing what they do are stretching the boundaries of what can be achieved and having a lot of fun at the same time.

No Panic is a Worldwide Charity that is now run by the Management Committee and CEO Joanne Garvey,that supports people who suffer from anxiety disorders of various types. On a regular basis, sufferers have conference calls with a Group leader, specifically trained for the charity on a programme endorsed by the London Institute of Psychiatry, where people with different complaints can be treated at the same time (known as Transdiagnostic therapy).

The real fun started last year when they decided that they would have a Christmas party on a conference call as many of the sufferers do not enjoy travel or even leaving the house. The Christmas Party Planners created a programme for the party with all the events listed and sent this out to all the people on the programme, along with a book of Bingo tickets so that everyone could join in. At the appointed time, people dialled in and as well as playing games such as Bingo and the Yes and No game, and Wink Murder, they sang Carols and had a wonderful 2 hours.

As Joanne said ?Everyone had a wonderful time - it was great fun and made Christmas last year a very special one for a lot of people on the programme who may not have been able to enjoy it in a more traditional manner?.

Jonathan Grant of Speakserve commented ?I am delighted that No Panic had such a great party. It is amazing what you can achieve in a Conference Call!!?.

No Panic provide worldwide support for sufferers of Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, General Anxiety Diosrder and Tranquiliser Withdrawal.

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