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Posted By Michelle Quinton 1st July 2015

Do You Know Your Phone Providers Access Charge?

The new Ofcom changes that come into effect today are designed to make call charges clearer, and yet somehow they seem to be doing just the opposite.

With line providers charging an Access charge and the company you're calling charging a Service charge you now have to solve basic maths problems just to work out the cost of a call. Do you know what your Access charge is for your phone company? Well we found that not all companies had theirs easily displayed, some don't even mention them at all. So we put together a list of the major phone providers to allow you to compare the access charges by each.

Charges Table

Knowing these charges is half the battle won, but what about the number you are dialing? has a very handy table with the cost of each number you would dial, so now you're armed with the information, what can you do with it?

As a Conference Call provider we feel this information is extremely useful for understanding how your call charges will look now that these changes are coming into effect. If you use a "free" Conference Call service you may find yourself with a nasty shock, especially if you're with one of the phone companies with a higher access charge. On our 08 Numbers page we give an example of how an 084 number charge might look after July 1st. See below.

For 0844 from a landline: Access Charge of 9.48p a minute (BT) Plus Service Charge of up to 7p a minute (up from up to 5p a minute) Total: 16.48p per minute £9.89 (per participant) x 5 participants = £49.44 (for a one hour conference)

But what if your telephone provider is Virgin? That's an Access charge of 10.25p a minute instead of 9.48, that's £10.35 per participant. Make that an 0871 number and you're looking at a call cost of 22.25p per minute, that's £13.35 per participant. Before these changes that same call was around £3.15 per participant, a huge jump in prices. Suddenly, with a hike in your phone bill, free conference calls don't feel so free after all.

For more information on how 08 numbers are changing and how we can help you save money, contact us today by email or by phone 0800 980 5155


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