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Posted By 11th July 2012

Help Your Business Go Green!

While the concept of being environmentally friendly has long been established, ?Going Green? has become increasingly more important to society as a whole in the last decade or so.

We are certainly more conscious of the necessity to recycle and care for the environment than our parents? and grandparents? generations were.

Businesses are now having to consider their Carbon Footprint and how they can improve their Corporate Social Responsibility and this is where conference calls really come into their own! Not only do conference calls significantly reduce the cost of a meeting (no transportation or accommodation costs) they also completely remove the related fuel emissions.

For companies that are frequently presenting to customers, or have presentations as part of their pre-sales process conference calls will help the sales team to increase their efficiency, by having more time in the office and simultaneously saving money.

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint and using the most simple and low cost conference call provider in the UK, then take a look around and don?t be afraid to ask questions!