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Posted By External API 22nd October 2013

Moderated Calls Made Easy

Moderated Calls are the high ground in the conferencing industry. These are high value calls, where controlling the participants and conversation are extremely important. These are traditionally done using technologies where the participants have to queue to be included in a call, all of course trying to enter the call at the same time.

Speakserve offer a radical alternative to the status quo, enabling participants to join a Moderated Call without necessarily having to speak with a human being so the organiser of the call can retain complete control. Invitations can be sent from your online account for absolute convenience, or you can send out a registration email to anyone who needs to be on the call.

Both you as the organiser and the moderator (these can be the same person) have access to a web page with a complete suite of features that give both visibility and control. This includes seeing who is on the call in real time and their status, enabling people to ask questions, muting and even blocking people that you do not want to hear from!

All calls can be recorded free of charge, and the call recording is available securely within your online account just minutes after the call.

Another leap forward with SpeakServe!!