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Posted By Jonathan Grant 20th January 2016

More than just a Conference Call

SpeakServe offer a fabulous Real Time Conference Call Portal for organisations that are serious about their conference calls – our service is designed for the busy office where people need to to have real time access to every aspect of these mission critical calls, in the knowledge that you are supported by a fabulous team of experts in their field.

We allow you to customise every aspect of the experience so that you can make it your own, while at the same time we are right here to help you with every detail and remove any frustrations you may have with your current provider.

If you work in the legal, financial, technology, retail, business services or other sectors and have national, transactional, multi branch or international interests then SpeakServe is for you.

Conference calls are very different from normal telephone calls – they generally involve several important people talking about substantive matters and it is essential that every aspect of the call is handled professionally. Your brand and the way you appear is at stake, notwithstanding the damage a poorly managed call can do.

With the SpeakServe Self Service Portal you can manage every aspect of the call at the click of a mouse, taking care of important issues ranging from Security, Scheduling, Diary Integration, the Branding, Email Invitation Styling, the type of Call, the level of Visibility you require during the call, the range of International Access, and allows you to order Wallet Cards for those that need them, and help make your office a far more efficient place.

SpeakServe removes the headache for you!

Of course, you can rely on us to provide a first class audio experience that allows your team to focus on what they do best.

We also offer features that allow you to give different access rights and permissions to the portal – whether an Administrator, or User - and gives access to the Call Recordings, Transcriptions, create Private Rooms and many other features designed to make your life easy.

For an organisation that needs detailed Billing records– either for internal departmental management, project, client, Matter Number or other billing purposes – we offer you an on line service that gives you instant access to call details as soon as it has finished, and the ability to integrate with your own billing systems in real time. Just have a look at our Statement page which even tells you who dialled in and when!