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Posted By Michelle Quinton 14th November 2014

More To Conference Calls Than The Call

Conference Calls with SpeakServe ? Part 1

When is a Conference Call More Than a Conference Call? The answer is when you are in charge of organising it. For many a Conference Call is a short term concern, making sure you dial in on time, that you stick to the agenda and that a conclusion is derived from the discussion. After all, no one likes to have an unproductive meeting. But in truth there is a lot more involved that just dialling, especially if you are the one attempting to organise it.

Many organisations use managed or assisted Conference Calls, in these instances the organiser contacts the relevant company or a company secretary who then arranges the Conference Call and then confirms with the organiser. This can be a fairly drawn out procedure but it is the way many still deal with their calls. In this situation doing things this way because ?it?s how we?ve always done it? is potentially detrimental.

At the minimum it can waste a lot of time. Consider instead, the idea of switching to a self-service or unassisted Conference Call Solution, one that affords you greater control over how you choose to Conference Call. Arranging your own Conference Calls as you see fit, sending out your own invites to the participants of your choosing. Either for a Conference to start immediately or scheduling one in advance. Not only does this give you greater control but it allows you to use your time more efficiently.

So you?ve got your SpeakServe account up and running, in order to use this service to its fullest you need to look at each of the features and how they are able to help you do your job more efficiently. If you are a frequent user of Conference Calls then you will likely find the ability to create Rooms very useful. Each Room comes with the ability to give it a name, determine what Dial In Numbers can access it and the ability to set a Pin to restrict access only to those who have been invited. Below is an example of a selection of Rooms:

SpeakServe Rooms: Normal, Lecture, Chairman and Moderated

You?ll note from this that there are more than one type of Call, these are:

? Normal ? For immediate or scheduled Calls, with optional PIN. When you dial in you are placed on hold until a second person enters the Call.

? Lecture - These are great for larger events and come with a Q&A side room. Just dial *4 to enter a Break Out Conference Room. This option has 2 PINs, 1 for the students and another for the lecturer.

? Chairman ? This is the same as Normal, a simple Room only this time with a Chairman?s PIN and Participants PIN. Participants will be kept on hold until the Chairman arrives ? giving the Chairman complete control over the start of the Conference.

? Moderated ? This works the same as Lecture, the key difference however is that you can bring in a SpeakServe Moderator to manage the whole call for you, allowing you to focus on your Conference Call.

You can create as many rooms as you need to, using different rooms for different clients, as well as creating groups to help make setting up your rooms easier.

To read our guide to using the service, check out the SpeakServe Wiki or come back here next week for a more in detail guide to creating rooms and groups.