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Posted By 21st October 2013

Outbound Conference Calls? The New Dimension

We are all familiar with traditional conference calls- dialling a number, using a room or security code to get in. It can be frustrating and have you ever known a call start absolutely on time with everyone there? It is pretty rare despite people's best efforts!

With the advent of web based platforms such as ours, there is now a far better way of making sure that everyone is on the call at the right time - get the service to call them!

It sounds so easy and is now the fastest part of the conferencing market with rapid adoption with many of our clients.

When you set up the call, invite your participants and when the time comes our system will call them. Your name will show on their phone if you want it to, so they will take the call, and they will automatically be put in the room.

If they are on the phone or we can not get hold of them after a couple of attempts we will send them a text message on how to dial in to the room and an email with all the appropriate details.

What could be easier? Conference Calls have a far greater chance of starting on time with this new service - give it a try and see what you think?!

You can also use our revolutionary new App that integrates with your iPhone contacts to do the same thing - sign up and try it for Free!