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Posted By Michelle Quinton 5th December 2014

Rooms: Creating and Using

In our Web Portal we offer the use of Rooms, these are essential Virtual Conference or Meeting Rooms, that allow you to use the same dial in and room numbers for each Call.

One of the advantages of this is that you could have one Room for your clients and another for your co-workers, with no risk of people dialling into a call they shouldn't be on.

In order to show you how useful the portal can be to you and your company, we are going to show you how these features are set up, allowing you to see the potential as you learn how to use your Portal.

Creating a Room

Dashboard tabs

When you click on the Rooms tab at the top of your dashboard you will be presented with a list of the Rooms you may already have, if you ever need to check back to see what numbers are allocated to the room (so that you know what numbers to send to your participants if they are abroad), you can simply click on the room number and the details will open for you.


If you want to create a new room, simply click on the Create Conference Room button on the right hand. You will then be presented with your options, the dialogue box is shown below, and will be broken down into it's parts.

When checking back for details on number allocations this is the box you are presented with, the box on the right will show you which numbers are available for dial in to that room.

dialogue box

Once you've named your Room, you need to choose a call type, if you aren't sure about these then take a look at our earlier Blog for more information.


Next you add your numbers, clicking the plus sign allows you to see all the valid numbers you can use.

allowed numbers

Simply click on the number and it will move it across to your allocated numbers list. When you book a call, these are the numbers you give out for this Room.

allocated numbers

Final Points

Don't forget that you have the options of adding Call Recording, Room PINs and Participant Announcements, if you forget to add call recording just press * 3 to turn it on (or off) during your call