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Posted By Michelle Quinton 9th July 2015

The After Affects of Ofcom

It?s been a week since Ofcom?s changes took effect, and it?s good to dial a Freephone and not hear that message telling it?s going to cost you.

But for those of us dialing premium rate numbers this month is going to bring a surprise. The new call charges for 087 and 084 should be showing on your bill, if your online statement for your phone updates within 24 hours you?ll already be able to see the difference in your call charges. But for those who can?t we thought you?d like to see how it may look.

This section of a statement comes from an EE mobile phone contract, as you can see there is one call placed to one of our numbers prior to July 1st. This is only around 14 seconds long, as is the first call made after. This is for comparison?s sake.

Call Charges Table

As you can see on June 5th the call was 15 seconds, and cost 33p. With the new call charges this call is slightly more expensive at approximately 38p. However extend the call to a whole minute (just over in fact) and it is suddenly more like 80p. Based on these figures a 20 minute conference call to a number starting 0844 is likely to be as much as £16 for one phone call.

If you want to get an estimate as to how much you would pay per minute check out our calculator, designed to give you a per minute rate based on who your provider is and what number you are dialing. SpeakServe Calculator

For more information on how the changes to 087 and 084 will affect you, check out our whitepaper. This report not only explains the call charges but gives you breakdowns of how these changes will affect the cost of premium rate conference calls such as Powwownow and Conference Genie.