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Posted By Michelle Quinton 22nd September 2014

What is Web RTC?

The world is moving fast and the world of Voice is being transformed by a new protocol called Web RTC - RTC stands for Real Time Communicator. Essentially, your web browser is being turned into a phone.

At the moment people are familiar with VOIP to enable their laptops and other devices to make phone calls. These calls are essentially free, but require a software download or other distractions to make the service work.

Web RTC is different in that it enables any device to become a phone using the Browser that runs on it. You have Google Chrome, you have a phone. The exception at the moment seems to be Microsoft (who are likely to produce their own version of Web RTC) but FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera all support it.


A businessman is in Taiwan on his Smartphone and is invited to join a conference call. The invitation arrives and there is a link to ?dial in? from the smart phone. Not a roaming charge in sight.

The call uses your data network (3G or wireless) and therefore the 'cost' of the call is included in your bundle (until you exceed that!). Web RTC also supports video so someone using a laptop or possibly iPad type device would be able to use the camera to support video.

The difference between Web RTC and VOIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) is that Web RTC does not require a separate software ?Client? to be enable the calls to be made. With Web RTC, if you have a browser, you have a phone.

This is where the worlds of Telecoms and the Internet collide - there will be many casualties.

No one knows whether the decline of the traditional Telephony Service providers will be gradual, or ?Kodak like? in their demise, but the survivors will be those (from both the Web and Telecoms camps) that can innovate and grab market share.

SpeakServe are on it! Watch this space!