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Posted By 16th October 2013

Why not what? Why Speakserve?

Too many companies tell you what they do, not why they do it.

At SpeakServe we offer services that make life easy for you - we try and make them as instinctive as possible and look great, so that your life when you are communicating with your colleagues, partners and business associates is as seamless an experience as possible, whether on the phone, video or chat.

We want your meeting to start on time with the minimum of fuss, a technology that you do not notice, like a good umpire, referee or goalkeeper, as you have complete faith that it is working for you and with you, not against you, as so many competing services seem to do. It is easy.

We also realise that you have a choice. We have people available on the phone and chat to help guide you through your meeting, live.

When we say our services are Free, they are, we want you to try us and if you like us then we will be utterly transparent in our pricing and expect you to be able to turn round at any point and challenge us over any rate, local international or global.

We are a David in a world of Goliath's, but we care about our clients and we take it very personally if things are not perfect.

Just thought I would let you know!