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Industry Leaders

SpeakServe are a leading provider of audio conferencing solutions to large Corporates, major Utilities, SME’s and Professional Service firms.

‘Pre and Post’ Call Specialist

Here at SpeakServe we realise that there is more to Conferencing than just the call. We specialize in deploying unique solutions that replicate and support the entire conference call process, driving operational efficiency, through bespoke pre and post call processes.

Global Specialist

Specializing in Europe, North America, Asian, Africa, South America and the Middle-East, SpeakServe are a leading provider of globally available conferencing solutions. With presence in over 100 countries, we are perfectly positioned to support the conferencing requirements of today’s global businesses.


Take Control

Outbound Conferencing

*NEW* Outbound conference calls are now available.


Immediate or scheduled, with optional PIN use


High security, PIN’s all round, the call starts when the Chairman arrives

Moderated Call Service

You can fully manage and monitor major, secure events, OR we can supply a SpeakServe Moderator to fully manage the call


Large events with a Q&A side room function


Hold panel debates, then enable an
audience Q&A