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Europe's Leading Cloud Telephony API Provider

SpeakServe are the UK’s leading Cloud based IVR and Telephony Applications provider, providing a next generation service to our clients. We provide the platform to enable you to use standard web programming languages to build PSTN, VOIP, SMS and Social Media applications using our simple web API.

Our Server based telephony and radical approach to pricing (making inbound PSTN as well as VOIP applications available by the channel rather than by the minute, massively reducing cost) put us well ahead of the market.

More than just a telephony API

SpeakServe make their revolutionary platform available to companies and developers to develop Telephony Apps, giving them access to a highly resilient mass calling server based platform.

SpeakServe bundles the development and execution of telephony applications into a single cloud-based service, and also offers highly competitive rates on both inbound and outbound calls.

SpeakServe is for telephony service providers that want to remove the need to code and integrate ‘voice’ into their communications platform and reduce the cost of handling telephony calls.

SpeakServe is a cloud-based PaaS that bundles the development and execution of telephony applications into a single service.

Unlike alternative cloud telephony providers, SpeakServe is much more than a telephony API – it is a bespoke application development and execution service.


It removes the need for customers to write the telephony element of their product, which once written can be deployed on a private or public cloud for a fixed fee rather than per minute, per call or per channel.

This can significantly reduce cost and time to market.

Let us handle it

We can also, if you prefer, write your application. We will execute your application. No more coding, no specialist telephony know-how, no specialist technology.

Just tell us the call flows you need to handle and we can do the rest, so that you can focus on the customer experiences you wish to create with voice – instead of telephony plumbing.