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Speakserve have measure in place to ensure the security of your Conference Calls and Web meetings, but it?s also important for you to ensure the security of your own account. Simple measures, like those mentioned below can ensure that your account remained safe and uncompromised.


Passwords are a feature of almost every site out there, this means remembering a lot of passwords and still keeping them secure. It might seem easier to have something highly memorable and just use it across all of them, but once one is compromised, the rest can easily follow.

Choose a password that is simple to remember but not a word that is easily associated with you. Current systems can use dictionaries and letter substitution, so simply swapping letters for symbols such as a for @ and I for 1 are no longer secure. For example, you could use your children?s names and dates of birth, but in a manner not as easily worked out. For example, you have two daughters, Lily and Mary, born in April 2003 and January 2008, you can use these details to create a stronger password, such as LILMA04030108.

Once you have a secure password, it is important to keep it secure. Avoid giving your log in details to other people or writing them down. If you are using a public or shared computer then don?t save your details and be sure to log out before you leave. If possible empty the cache and remove cookies from the computer.


Emails are tied to any online account, if your email becomes compromised other accounts can be as well. Occasionally you will receive emails claiming to be from companies or websites you have registered with, the key phrase frequently used is ?Account Confirmation?. Common mistakes seen in false emails will be spelling mistakes, no name or greeting other than hello (a genuine company email ? other than a newsletter should greet you personally).

If you hover over any links and glance at the bottom left hand side you often see the link address ? especially if you log into ? if the email is fake the web address presented will have nothing to do with the claimed email originator. For example, if it claims to be from Amazon ? it will say or

If you receive an email asking you to log into your account, go directly to the website to log in ? avoid doing so via any links within the email, if you are suspicious of an email, forward it to our support team at so that we can investigate whether the email is legitimate.

SpeakServe will NEVER email you asking for your log in details (and neither will any other safe and secure site), if you ever receive such emails they should be forwarded to the relevant party?s phishing department. In relation to SpeakServe, please forward any potential phishing emails to


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