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Data and Resilience Overview

Keeping your data safe and secure is extremely important to us. We have a variety of processes in place to keep our systems and your data secure.

Cloud benefits

Being Cloud based not only reduces call costs for clients, but also greatly improves our security. We don?t own and manage large datacenters, instead we can enter into partnerships with leading global providers. These specialists are able to provide greatly superior levels of security and continuity capabilities than we could.


Our current main provider is Amazon Web Services (?AWS?), a very robust service, as used by the US and UK governments. The expertise gained form their global Amazon retail business, which must have robust data management at its heart, lead them to providing these services as separate specialist business.


Our service involves three completely separate centres mirroring each other, the third centre situated in a separate country in Europe. In the event of a breakdown we then have multiple switchover capabilities i.e. should a server fail, it will automatically switchover seamlessly to another mirrored server, and then another etc.

AWS have achieved the critical third-party certifications sought after in their specialism. The key qualifications all involve fully independent audits and are:
ISO 27001 certification, validation as a Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standard (DSS).
Issued by the International Standards Organisation, is a globally recognized standard. It covers all the critical business aspects of data systems providers e.g.

Security, Management, HR security, Physical environment, incident response, continuity, access control, regulatory compliance etc?.

Annual SOC 1 audits evaluated at the moderate level for Federal government systems as well as DIACAP Level 2 for US Department of Defence systems. This is a US governmental requirement ensuring that certain levels of security procedures around financial compliance are adhered to. This covers data security. These all have broader implications in regard to terrorism and crime.

Speakserve ?In house? Security

Staff: The technical staff members who have access to our systems have been CRB checked, they have limited access to data, and only then to data necessary for them to perform their day-to-day tasks.

Systems: All of our internal systems, such as our Customer Management System, Conferencing and Telephony platforms connect with each other on a ?Trusted Key System?, preventing any unwanted external systems from connecting in.

Data Encryption: Where users connect to our systems and data protection is necessary, data is encrypted using 128 bit encryption, this means that there are literarily trillions of possible key combinations, (=339,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000).

Recordings: For an external party to gain unauthorized access to call recordings, they would have to guess a completely randomized 10 character code, not once, but twice, then have very specific details about call recording timings, down to the second, the room set up and the Host?s own passcodes.

Clients playing their Part When you have an account with SpeakServe, we would like to ask that you play your part in keeping your account secure in the following way:
? Please try to make sure that you use a complex password that has a mixture of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols. ? Don?t share passwords. If you suspect in any way that your password may have been compromised, simply log into your account and change your password.
? You should also notify us quickly if members of staff who had access to the system leave. We can then remove them and prevent and abuse of the system.

For more information on keeping your account secure, please take a look at our Account Security page.

We hope this answers all of your questions on our security and resilience procedures satisfactorily. Should you need any further information please feel free to call us.


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