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Meeting Etiquette

Whether meeting online or face to face, it's important to make a good impression. Here are a few tips on the etiquette of meetings and conference calls.

  • Use a calendar - Using a calendar or similar allows you to keep track of when meetings are, allowing you to prepare for the right meetings at the right times.

  • Be punctual - Being late can potentially delay or disrupt the meeting for others, call in a minute (or arrive) a minute or two early, this allows for any introductions before a meeting starts.

  • Don't use hold Avoid putting the call on hold if you need to step away, it can interrupt the meeting for the other participants. If you must step away, consider ringing off and calling back in later or muting the call until you are ready to return.

  • Be prepared - Read through the agenda and any extra information that has been sent out, making sure you have any relevant paperwork or online documents are accessible. Make sure you know what the plan is for the call before the call starts.

  • Avoid getting distracted - Don't allow yourself to get distracted during the call, that means staying away from solitaire if you're on a web meeting, you may be asked questions that you can't answer.

  • Be patient and polite - Don't speak over others, it is hard to follow multiple conversations, whether face to face or on the phone. Give people time to get their point across.

  • Pick a good place - Make sure you choose your location carefully, preferably somewhere quiet where you won't have constant interruptions If there are pets or children try to find somewhere away from them, this also means try to avoid setting up for a conference call in a coffee shop. It's wise to make sure reception and wifi is strong if needed, this is especially important if you are using a speaker phone.

  • Follow the agenda If you were sent the agenda, it is important to read it but especially to remember to stick to it, going off track can lengthen the call and frustrate other callers. This can also lead to people having to drop out before the end of the call due to it's over-running.

  • Follow the leader Much like in the game, the aim is to follow the leader, the leader should be identified at the beginning of the call and if it isn't you then it's important to remember to show a little respect and allow that person to lead the call.

  • Ringer off please - Some phones allow for multiple lines to ring through, if you have a phone that has more than one ringer, remember to turn off the other ringer to minimize disruption.

  • Better late than never - If you are late, try to enter the meeting quietly, only identify yourself if asked, otherwise just try to work out what you have missed and catch up as quietly as possible. Consider emailing someone else in the call for details of what you may have missed.

  • Early Exit - If you have to leave the call early then make sure to let everyone know before the meeting has started, tell them what time you are heading off and ensure you leave with minimal fuss.


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