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Tips for a Better Conference Call

Arranging a web meeting or conference call can be stressful, whether you're talking to colleagues or potential clients, these tips can help it all go off without a problem.

  • Have an agenda - Outline the purpose of the meeting, consider sending this out to participants before the meeting, along with any other important documents.

  • Do a trial run - Have a practice run with the software this ensures you know what you're doing when the meeting starts.

  • Give plenty of notice - Give a reasonable amount of notice when sending out invites to a conference call and enter the meeting a few minutes early to ensure you arrive before all attendees. Why not use our outbound call feature to automatically call all attendees at the start of the conference?

  • Don't delay - On the same point as punctuality, occasionally people will call in late, however for the sake of other participants, don't delay the start of the meeting by more than 3 to 5 minutes. Delaying the conference could cause your conference to go on late, which can lead to people having to exit before the end of the meeting.

  • Keep it quiet - Choose a quiet place to make your conference call, noise from barking dogs or coffee machines are a distraction to everyone in the meeting.

  • Introduce yourself - Even if you are using the announce feature there may be others of the same name, so always introduce yourself, for example, this is Michelle, from marketing.

  • Speak slowly and clearly - Always try to speak clearly and slowly, making sure that others can understand what you are saying, this is especially important if you are communicating with foreigner clients who may find your accent difficult to follow.

  • Take notes - A conference call or web meeting is still a meeting, so it is always worth taking notes.

  • Be expressive - The use of body language isn't available in a conference call so try to be vocally expressive, to help get your ideas across.

  • Keep them interested - Not being involved in the call will cause people to become distracted, try asking for feedback from specific participants.

  • Stick with the plan - Going off topic can lead to longer meetings which can reduce the level of attention from attendees, so make sure you stay with the agenda.


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