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About Us

SpeakServe are the UK’s leading Audio Conferencing provider.
We transformed the Conference Call market 12 years ago as part of the New Voice Media Group (NVM).

Over the past decade SpeakServe have designed, developed and implemented, the technologies and best practices around professional communication services, enabling us to support the ever changing corporate landscape of professional service firms. This is possible due to our agile approach and leveraging the benefits of the traditional telephone network (PSTN).

We approach each project uniquely and do not take a commodity type approach to this vital internal solution. We understand that when it comes to the conference call process, there are other vital pre and post call processes that are essential for the smooth running of the service. Whether this is the way calls are set up or how costs are recharged, we ensure we understand these issues and put in place the relevant solution to support these requirements. So building a strong and widespread partnership across multiple departments within your business is always our approach.

Our system lets you choose how you integrate conferencing into your operations, the type of conferences you organise, the devices you use and the countries you want to communicate with.

Over the past 12 years thousands of corporate customers have used our service to schedule millions of calls around the world.

We continually try to improve our service to give businesses what they want. To summarise, we offer the:

  • Highest quality sound & technology, using Tier 1 telephony networks.
  • Simplicity of transition onto our service and easy conference management.
  • Flexibility to set up and conference how they want.
  • Support 24/7 for tech, plus full Account Manager Assistance.
  • Security the highest level of security on every call.