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Advanced Booking

The booking of a conference call can often be overlooked. How you set up a call can have major impact on your business’ ability to deliver the security, re-billing or general call quality you require.

Here at SpeakServe we offer a real time, globally available portal which gives you complete control of the booking process. This customizable platform can be tailored to the requirements of your business, ensuring the correct booking process is followed on every call.

Whether you are looking for added security around the call with advanced time bound, pre-registration or dial out functionality, or you’re just looking to maximize the re-billing of your spend, we ensure the solution is deployed to cater for these needs.

Main Features

  • Real time, globally available portal
  • Authority based Permission System
  • Time-bound Call Capability
  • Outlook Integration
  • Advanced Dial In features, such as triple layer pin authorisation and pre-registration
  • Advanced security features such as access number restriction and CLI recognition
  • Conference Reference Capture for Automated and Reservation-less Calls

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