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Advanced Security

As the world continues to virtualize, the demand to pass sensitive information over calls, screens and devices continues to grow. Conferencing sits at the heart of this communication network and therefore it’s essential that the relevant measures are taken to ensure your confidential information is protected on every call.

Many conferencing set ups do not carry the levels of security that you require, severely jeopardising the integrity and reputation of your business. With this in mind, SpeakServe have designed our platform to address the issue of security at every step.

Before the call

  • Advanced call entry methods such as pre-registration, CLI regeneration and dial out
  • Access number restriction
  • Call locking and participant restriction
  • Permission base administration

During the call

  • Live conference view, displaying each participant (CLI, access number used and location)
  • Live conference control (lock, mute, disconnect and voice recognition)

After the call

  • Instant conference call report
  • Real time system auditing of all activity on the call and management platform

To deliver the security your business requires, we spend time understanding your business and deploy the relevant pre and post call processes to ensure that your security requirements are delivered on every call.

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